Dreamtime Coffins is an Aboriginal owned business that manufactures coffins for Aboriginal people nation wide. Our coffins are hand made with love, care and respect, knowing that they are going to someone who will be dearly missed.

Our coffins will add that Aboriginal Cultural touch to any funeral service and will identify that persons proud Aboriginal heritage.

With our catalogue of designs, Dreamtime Coffins has strived to show respect, integrity and a deep spiritual sensitivity with each design produced.

As the business expands so to will the catalogue of designs to reflect and pay homage to that dear loved one, their family and community.

As Dreamtime Coffins designs are contemporary in nature, where possible, we respectfully try and combine traditional totems from different tribal/clan regions.

All artwork is produced in-house by prominent artist Ray Thomas-MA. Ray is a seniour Brabrawooloong Gunnai man from Victoria. His experience spans over the past 30years as a professional artist, exhibiting at both national and international levels.

Ray was the recipient of the Deadly Art Award, the top prize category in the 2013 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards held annually in Victoria. more

We provide standard size coffins and extra large. We are also able to add your tribal/clan name onto the coffin making it more personal.

Our aim is to give that person a culturally appropriate send off in a Dreamtime Coffin.

Our prices are competitive with all other funeral services, maybe even more affordable and we can courier them

any where in Australia within 48 hours. more

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or mobile and speak to us directly.

~ Dreamtime Coffins ~

'that special send off for that special loved one'

Ray Thomas | The Artist

Bunjil Warrior Coffin